After graduating with a BFA from the University of Connecticut, I began a career in graphic design. After a few years of working in my field, I realized that my need to create could not be fulfilled by sitting in front of a computer. A friend suggested that I take a pottery class and after a little convincing, I agreed. It didn't take long for me to realize that working with clay was what had been missing from my creative life. I started having dreams about throwing and not long after beginning that class, I left the graphic design world in order to devote all of my time and attention to ceramics. Initially, that meant washing the studio floor at Creative Arts Workshop in exchange for extra studio time. The following year, I moved to Brooklyn where I worked for and alongside several well established potters and ceramic artists. In May 2004, I set up my own studio and began designing and producing a body of work. Working exclusively in porcelain, all of my vessels begin on the wheel. My work is defined by my modern aesthetic and I am most interested in creating a strong form through balance and proportion. I find inspiration in the gentle curves of the human body and nature as well as the clean lines of modern industrial design. Each have led me to experiment with the alteration and reconstruction of traditional shapes. By manipulating these shapes, I am able to create new forms which enhance the design and, often times, the function of a piece. I strive to create well crafted, heirloom quality pieces and it is important to me that my vessels are used and enjoyed. I believe that people should surround themselves with their own unique collections of things that they love. I make each piece with that in mind and hope that my vessels will add beauty and visual interest to their new home and engage those around them.